About SkyFest

In 2010, a one day airshow was produced in 8 short weeks after the Quesnel Flying Club decided to upscale their traditional Airport Appreciation Day. In that same year, the Quesnel SkyFest Society (a non-profit society) was formed and a few of the original airshow founding members continued on as directors of the new society. The objective of the new society was to promote aviation tourism, promote the community and region of Quesnel, and produce a bi-annual airshow. In 2012, a two-day show was put on in order to learn more about the process in preparation for the 2013 show where the Canadian Forces Snowbirds and CF-18 were scheduled to perform. Despite hiring a stellar lineup of civilian aerobatic performers, attendance in 2012 was low and the Society found themselves in a negative position when the show was over. The Society directors felt that it was a matter of educating the public about the attractiveness of airshows as a family event. So they continued to plan for the 2013 show and put together another top notch program of some of the industry’s top civilian aerobatic performers. Their determination paid off and the 2013 and 2015 shows were a huge success. The directors learned more about putting on a successful show and the public learned that attending airshows can be a great way to spend a weekend for the whole family. 2019 brings new challenges and a much larger fan base. The organizers are excited to bring another great show to Quesnel in 2019.

Goals/Objectives of the Society:
  • Promote, organize, stage and accomplish a truly international airshow at Quesnel, BC, on a recurring basis.
  • Increase tourism
  • Encourage aviation tourism
  • Inspire youth
  • Support veterans
  • Encourage aviation related educational opportunities
  • Encourage and build a lively community spirit in Quesnel and surrounding areas.

We will continue to work at our goal of creating a destination event by attempting to work with other community groups to give the out-of-town and local airshow attendees other fun events to attend over the weekend, thus adding to the air show’s broad public appeal.

Recent meetings with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, confirm that the Canadian Forces Snowbirds and CF-18 Demo Team will attend our show in August and will remain in Quesnel no less than 6 days. They will be available to attend some pre-arranged events, make presentations and meet with our local cadets and veterans.

Although the air show only lasts for three days, the military pilots and crews will be in Quesnel for 6 days and the civilian performers for 4 days. Organized events that the community can enjoy and benefit from will take place on most of these days.


Linda the Giraffe

Linda the Giraffe began her career working as an ornament at the Billy Barker Casino Hotel in Quesnel. Longing for adventure, she ran off with the CF-18 Demo Team after the 2013 airshow.

She toured the country with the crew going from airshow to airshow for two years, sending pictures back home to keep the folks up to date with her adventures.

Linda travelled all over Canada, North America and even overseas. (She boarded a C130 Hercules and traveled abroad to Kabul, Afghanistan.)

She hung out with Canadian astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield and dipped her toe in the Atlantic Ocean. On the west coast she helped park the jet in Abbotsford, and became part of the CF-18 selfie club in 2014.

If you look carefully, you will see the bullet hole in her flank that she received in Texas. She was wounded while on duty.

She has flown in many different types of military aircraft including C130 Hercules, the Voodoo and F-16.

Linda travelled with the CF-18 Demo Team for the remainder of the 2013 airshow circuit, all airshows in 2014, and part of the 2015 season before the team returned Linda to her hometown airshow, Quesnel SkyFest 2015.

Everywhere Linda the Giraffe went, she received another sticker or pin until she was covered head to toe.

SkyFest was so impressed by her commitment to aviation, that we have included her in our logo. You will see her peeking up from the trees to watch one of her beloved planes perform a loop!

Linda loves people to take a picture with her and post it on their social media. Just make sure to Tag her and use #LindaSelfieClub



We are currently compiling a list of frequently asked questions for the 2019 show.

Stay tuned to social media for updates on new information.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please drop us a line via email or through our facebook!


Frequently Asked Questions

The Show

When will The Quesnel Hixon Road Closure Occur?

Due to airshow safety requirements, the Quesnel/Hixon road from Campbell Crescent North to Muffords Farm Rd will be closed at the following times:
Friday Aug 2: 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM, 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Saturday Aug 3 and Sunday Aug 4: 12:45 PM to 1:45 PM, 2:45 PM - 4:45 PM

Will there be an ATM on site for the airshow?

There will be no ATM on site for SkyFest 2019

How is the Twilight Show different from the regular Day Show?

SkyFest 2019 will kick off with the Twilight Show, a condensed version of the day show with the added bonus of stunning pyrotechnics displays!

The SkyHawks, CF-18 Demo Team, and others will perform. The F18 flies at twilight so you can see the after burners fire. Other performers use pyrotechnics to add an incredible effect to their performance. This year’s closing act was the first team in the world to perform formation aerobatics at night - you don’t want to miss it!

What time does the show start and end?

The Twilight Show takes place on Friday night from approximately 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM, with the gates opening up at 7:00 PM for ticket holders. The Twilight Show is a great opportunity to catch some unique night-time aerobatics acts with incredible pyrotechnics.

On Saturday and Sunday, the gates open at 9:00 AM with pre-show flying taking place at 11. The official show starts at noon (approximately) and continues until 4:30 PM. Come early for the best seating, and make sure you stick around afterward to catch the Snowbirds in the autograph booth after the show!

Which acts perform on which day?

All scheduled performers will be performing on both Saturday and Sunday.

Is a schedule of the performer times available online?

The exact performer schedule is ever-changing and can change up to the last minute depending on a variety of things like the weather. We will provide an estimate around 2 weeks before the show but it can change at any time, so we recommend coming for the whole show (noon to 4:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday) if you want to make sure you catch a specific performer!

What happens if it rains?

SkyFest is an outdoor event that will take place rain or shine! Luckily, our airshow performers have a variety of routines that can be adapted to varying weather conditions. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges if you choose not to come due to the weather.

What should I bring?

SkyFest is an outdoor event so we ask that you come prepared with:

What can’t I bring?

To help ensure that the event is a success, we ask that you please refrain from bringing:

    There is no marijuana smoking permitted on site in accordance with City bylaws.
May I leave and re-enter the airshow during the day?


What type of terrain is the Spectator Area?

The main viewing area is a cut hay field, so a folding chair or blanket is recommended.

Are coolers and/or backpacks allowed?

Due to security concerns, large coolers and bags are not permitted. Airshow staff reserve the right to search all personal handbags, totes, diaper bags, etc. upon entry at the gates.

Are cameras and video cameras allowed?

Yes! Take as many pictures or videos as you like, and share them on social media using the hashtag #SkyFest, #QuesnelSkyFest, or #SkyFest2019!

Are pets allowed?

Due to concerns for the safety of attendees and animals, no pets will be allowed on the show site. Certified service animals are permitted.

Is smoking allowed?

For safety reasons, smoking is only permitted in designated areas. If you are caught smoking outside the designated area you will be asked to leave.

Are there first-aid facilities on site?

Yes. Medical personnel will be on-site and a first aid tent will be set-up.

Is there wheel-chair access?

Yes. There is handicap parking and a designated area for people with special needs. Ask the volunteers at the gate and they will direct you to the designated area!

Are shaded areas available?

No. The main spectator area is an open field, so we suggest that you bring an umbrella, sunscreen, and a hat. There will be water misters as well as a water play area for children.

What amenities are offered onsite?

What Is the O Zone?

The O Zone is a designated area where you can get up close and personal with the performers and their incredible aircraft! After their flight, our performers will push their plane into the O-Zone, where you’ll have an opportunity to chat with the performers, take photos, and get an up-close view of their plane. Some will even allow you to take a look inside the cockpit - you won’t want to miss it!


Are the tickets for single-day admission?

We offer a variety of ticketing options:

You can purchase tickets ahead of time and learn more about our ticketing options by clicking here!

What if my family has more than 2 youths (7-12 years old)?

Every family pass is valid for 2 adults and up to 2 youths. If you require more than that, a separate pass is needed for any extra people. Remember, kids under 7 are free!

Can tickets be purchased at the show?

Yes, there are additional tickets available on show days at the gate. However, we encourage you to pre-purchase your tickets online or at select retailers in Quesnel to save time! Currently, tickets can be purchased at the Quesnel Visitor Centre, Circle ‘S’ Western Wear, and at the Airport Office.

What types of payment can you accept at the gate?

We can accept cash or credit.

Is parking included in the admission price?

Yes, all ticket purchases include parking at the show site.


Where is the designated campground and how do I get a camping pass?

Camping passes are only available as part of the Weekend Campground/Show Pass. The campground is located just steps away from the show-site making it the perfect home base for SkyFest weekend!

Can I reserve a camping space ahead of time?

The camping spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Volunteers will be on hand to help direct you to a suitable space.

How large are the camping spaces?

Most sites are drive-through and can accomodate all types of camping from tents to big rigs (approximately 20’ x 50’)

What amenities are available at the campsite?

There will be portable toilets and garbage/recycling bins available on-site. This is a “dry” campground with no hook-ups available, so plan accordingly!

Are pets allowed at the campsite?

Yes, however, they must be leashed and under control at all times.

Are there any special campsite rules?

Yes. Due to the nature of our event, we can’t allow any open flame fires. Along with campfires, this includes all combustible fuel burning appliances, even if there is no fire ban. Table-top barbecues and campstoves are allowed in the camping area only. Generators are allowed, but please be respectful of your neighbours!

Fly-In Information

If you plan on flying in to SkyFest we ask that you please let us know as soon as possible so we can accommodate everyone and make sure all have a memorable experience! You can reach us on Facebook, call (250) 925-1174, or email quesnelairshow@yahoo.ca to arrange your fly-in. All fly-ins are encouraged to buy their show tickets in advance.

There are washroom facilities available on-site. You are free to camp under the wing, and your aircraft will be parked in a non-public access area enabling departure as soon as the show is over.

This page will be updated with Airspace Closure Times as they become available. NOTAMs will be issued. Check CFS and NOTAMs for radio frequencies and procedures.


  • 250-925-1174
  • 651 Airport Rd, Quesnel, BC V2J 6W6
  • Airport Office Hours (each week until August 1)
  • Tuesday 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
  • Wed/Thurs 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Sat/Sun 10:00 PM - 12:00 pm
  • Closed Thursday July 18 to Sunday July 21
  • quesnelairshow@yahoo.ca
  • Message us on Facebook